Operation Chaos: Rush Limbaugh charges?

So for people who haven’t heard of it, Operation Chaos was the idea that Rush Limbaugh proposed on his radio show that ground could be made for the conservatives by cause disruption in the Democrat’s primary process.

Essentially, it was his call to republicans to go out and ensure that there would be 2 candidates fighting over the democrat nomination for as long as possible, by having these folks go out and vote in the democrat primaries for whichever candidate seemed to be lacking in momentum at the time…be it Hillary or Barrack.

Now there is apparently a call by some for criminal election tampering charges to be filed, in regards to Operation Chaos,  against Rush Limbaugh, for the Ohio primary. 

The idea is basically this, when registering to vote in the democrat primary in Ohio, voters have to sign an “Oath of loyalty to the Democratic Party principles.”  And that by encouraging citizens to break this “Oath” Rush Limbaugh is somehow acting in a criminal manner.

I am gonna go ahead and toss a bulls**t flag out on this one.  At what point was it that the American people let go of their free will and accountability for their own actions?

First and foremost, if I sign an “oath of loyalty” to a private organization (which is what the Democrat party is, regardless of the impression we get fro the media at-large)…it is between me and the private organization if I decide to break that oath.  There is no bearing on criminal law there.  If I promise my wife that I will take out the trash this morning, and decide that I am not going to do it until this afternoon…I cannot be arrested for that…sorry folks…there just no criminal ramifications there.  (Could she sue me over it?  Yes, she probably could…and would likely win, as I SUCK at following through on house chores…but that’s another issue entirely.)

Then, even if this was some sort of criminal violation…how is it Rush’s fault?  Once again, I will have to go back to my parents’ statement they made to me a million times growing up…”If they told you jumping of a bridge was cool…would you go do it?”  If so, who’s fault would it be that you were now dead?  Would it be the fault of the person who told you it was cool?  Or would it be your fault for buying into it?

It would seem that in the United States today, we are inclined to believe that it is at least partially the responsibility of the person who told you it was cool.  This is a ridiculous cop-out.  This belief is an extension of the entitlement mindset that people have today.  “Why should I work for it, when I can whine about it and get it for free?”  It is in the same vein that we lose all personal accountability…”Why should I suffer hardships for my decisions…someone should have been protecting me from that!”

I hate to tell ya folks…life sucks!  That’s how you learn.  When you take away personal accountability you are also taking away any internal motivation towards excellence.  At some point the prevalence of this school of thought is going to be widespread enough to effect you directly (arguably…the rising tax burden on every single household in this country should be direct effect enough…)

In the end, maybe Rush Limbaugh’s call to act was a crass one.  But it is any different from the advertisements Obama aired in Pennsylvania that called on Republicans to change sides and vote for “change”?

In the end there is really only one person I have to answer to every night before I fall asleep…and it’s ME!

Rush’s Site

Uh oh…Oprah’s Army is talking about it too!


7 Responses to Operation Chaos: Rush Limbaugh charges?

  1. smrtas1 says:

    This has been going on for years. In my state, you can vote in either primary, but only 1. I know several people who vote for the “weaker” candidate on both sides. This is just more BS that people are trying to throw at Rush. Remember when Congress sent a letter to Rush’s broadcasting company demanding that Rush appologize for something he didn’t even really say? Many people will do anything to silence talk radio.

  2. 🙂

    Good read! Thank you!

  3. Krista says:

    Rush Limbaugh doesn’t believe in democracy and never has. This is news?

  4. The corrupt two-party criminal syndicate will never take down el Rushbo. He is the Lord and Savior of Right-thinking Reagan/Buckley Conservatives. Hush Bimbo will single-handedly defeat any two-bit party stooge that attempts to wage a battle against the righteous deaf doper A.M. radio God. I will die in his service, happily.

  5. Joe says:

    Whatever happened to honesty. Rush is playing dirty. He is also messing with basic democracy, and that is really bad.

    We’ve had enough of if you can’t win by being honest, cheat.

  6. Joe,

    How can you mess with democracy by exercising free speech? Isn’t that the whole point of the 1st Amendment? Nobody forces the Rush-bots to listen and act on his directive. Would you prefer a fascist state?

  7. Cult Leader says:

    Obama’s ads in Pennsylvannia encouraged Republicans to switch sides and vote for change – isn’t that what he is supposed to be doing as a candidate? Convince folks to vote for him?
    Rush Limbaugh is a radio personality who is calling on citizens of this nation to intentionally disrupt an election – sounds like criminal activity to me. Rush Limbaugh is of course entitled to his opinion in a free country but this has little to do with our nations principal of free speech and pulling out the “free speech” card to defend the disruption of a US election suggests a lack of understanding of the responsiblities that come with our precious rights. No matter the party – defending the disruption of a fair and free election makes no sense in a free nation. In fact – it is despicable to defend Rush Limbaugh’s actions – or any attemp to disrupt a fair election. If our country has changed that much – this isn’t the United States of America anymore.

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