Operation Chaos: Rush Limbaugh charges?

March 25, 2008

So for people who haven’t heard of it, Operation Chaos was the idea that Rush Limbaugh proposed on his radio show that ground could be made for the conservatives by cause disruption in the Democrat’s primary process.

Essentially, it was his call to republicans to go out and ensure that there would be 2 candidates fighting over the democrat nomination for as long as possible, by having these folks go out and vote in the democrat primaries for whichever candidate seemed to be lacking in momentum at the time…be it Hillary or Barrack. Read the rest of this entry »


Clinton Library – Today released 11000 pages of schedules

March 19, 2008

If there is nothing else that I can gather from the fact that they felt they had to release 11, 000 pages of schedules…it is that they are reaching for something.

First and foremost, the fact that there even exists 11,000 pages of schedules over the course of 8 years is sort of astonishing: Read the rest of this entry »