Clinton Library – Today released 11000 pages of schedules

If there is nothing else that I can gather from the fact that they felt they had to release 11, 000 pages of schedules…it is that they are reaching for something.

First and foremost, the fact that there even exists 11,000 pages of schedules over the course of 8 years is sort of astonishing:

8X365 (+2 for leap year extra days) = 2922 days

At that rate…she had to have kept 3.76 different schedules for everyday that her husband was in office.  Excessive?  Maybe. But let us take another look at something involved in the 11,000 pages of schedules released today.

As an experiment I jogged over to Office Depot’s website to take a look at prices on copy paper.

Office Depot’s Best deal on paper right now.

So, with this in mind, here is some more math.

500 sheets of paper/ream, 10 reams/case = 5000 sheets of paper/case = 3 cases to cover the 11,000 pages required to print each schedule ONCE = 3 X $34.99 = $104.97

So if the only person that got a printed copy of the schedule was the first lady herself, we are talking a hundred bucks over the course of 8 years to make sure she was on time. 

HOWEVER, let us not forget that this is the First Lady we are talking about here.  She has a staff:

(From Wikipedia)

The Office of the First Lady of the United States is accountable to the First Lady of the United States for her to carry out her duties as hostess of the White House, and is also in charge of all social and ceremonial events of the White House. The First Lady has her own staff that includes the White House Social Secretary, a Chief of Staff, Press Secretary, Chief Floral Designer, Executive Chef, etc. The Office of the First Lady is a branch of the Executive Office of the President(EOP).

So it is safe to assume that we would need at least 6 copies of this document everyday for 8 years.

6 X $104.97 = $629.82

Another point of contention here is that these are folks that will be working in and around the White House. They aren’t going to be using the cheapo copy paper from Office Depot, in fact it is likely that they are using very heavyweight paper with an embossed watermark and fancy letterhead…the closest I could find on-line is this listing: which has 2000 sheets going for $229.99.

Using the same math from above, we determined that we would need 6 X 11,000 schedules printed, 66,000 sheets (at a minimum) 66,000/2000 = 33 X $229.99 = $7589.67

So…we are talking in the neighborhood of $7589.67 of taxpayer funds being devoted to printing schedules for the first lady and her staff (roughly).

Here’s the deal, I don’t care that we spend money on the first family.  It’s gonna happen whether I bitch about it or not.  I don’t even care that we spend rather ridiculous amounts of money on them, it sort of goes with the territory as they are figureheads for our country and should be allowed to exercise a little flair.

The problem that I have with this is that while we do spend far too much doing far too little, we are also being asked to except this unbelievably overcooked “itinerary” scenario as proof of viability for office.

Does the Clinton campaign actually expect that the American people at large are going to be swayed that Hillary is suddenly THAT much better of a candidate for the office of President because there are 11,000 pages of schedules saying she was in or around some big decisions while hubby was in office?  How can they even conceive that the American voter will even BEGIN to peruse a fraction of these documents?

The only people that are going to take a hard look at these pages are the press, and the opposing campaigns.  The former is going to look for anything they can use to spin the data in her favor, or against her.  The latter will be looking exclusively to smear or disprove any claims of heightened political experience or skill based on these documented schedules.

Ultimately, all this does in my humble opinion is prove to me that Hillary’s campaign is supremely desperate to find some way to pop its head up from behind the Obama-Buzz-Cloud.  And that makes me laugh, because I think it is fair to say that any other campaign would have thrown in the towel at this point but Hillary is clinging to the idea that she was destined for this job, and she’ll be damned if some n00b from Illinois is gonna nab her shot at the prize.

NOTE: The figures attained and their sourcing in no way constitutes endorsement of the products listed…unless, of course, they was to discuss possible royalties for the massive influx of sales over the next few days.  

SECOND NOTE: Feel free to double check any of my math…I used the built in Windows XP calculator…


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