Wait there’s more…2nd Amendment in court today.

Whoa…today is full of stuff to bitch about.  I started on a light note with what could very well be the least important cause of the day…Obama’s speech on race.

The Supreme Court today is hearing arguments from D.C. that recently enacted a “ban” on firearms.

Here is the problem…when the government puts a law in place, regardless of what particular branch of government it is, you are still talking about an externally imposed set of rules.  By that I mean that just because the law says that the speed limit on this particular freeway is 70mph, doesn’t mean that at any given moment there aren’t 100’s of vehicles going faster than 70mph.  There is no speed limit high enough to satisfy the personal desires of every driver on the road.  Our imaginary freeway could have a speed-limit of 200mph and some rich thrill seeker would inevitably smash his Bugatti into the median at 205.  Conversely, lowering the speed limit will only create more infractions of this particular law.  Regulation in-and-of itself cannot change behavior.

The same logic can be applied to the idea of gun controls.  Putting external limitations in place is not going to prevent those individuals who would ultimately be using these weapons for nefarious deeds from continuing to carry and use them in ways they deem fit.  That being said increasing or decreasing the government imposed regulations will not have a long term effect on anything other than the regulations, and the government imposing them.

If, tomorrow, the Supreme Court of the United States declared the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution “outdated, and no longer necessary” we would be looking at widespread outrage, if not significant demonstrations/riots.  That much is obvious.  However, the likelihood is that the supreme court will deliberate on this issue very delicately and therefore it will take time.  The real issue at-hand is not whether or not the 2nd amendment guarantees the “right to bear arms” but at what level does it guarantee that right?

Individually? Or Collectively?

I would argue that in either case, the government should not be allowed to infringe upon that right for any citizen of our country. 

It is my stance that D.C.’s gun control laws are unconstitutional and should be overturned.


CNN’s Story: 2nd Amendment

L.A. Times: 2nd Amendment

Washington Post: 2nd Amendment (Icky…gotta sign up)


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