Derisory…are you serious?

Greetings! This is the first real post to this blog and I am using it to highlight some aspects of what to expect in the future.

First and foremost I hope these writings will be to-the-point and somewhat insightful. I also will do my best to offer explanations for the reason I feel the way I do as often as possible.

Derisory, currently Google Trends tells us that the use of “derisory” as a search term has rocketed today (Actually their term is “Volcanic.”) It is being searched, and this is purely my speculation, because of a comment made by Joe Lewis (the second largest shareholder of Bear-Stearns) about the looming buyout proposed by JP Morgan. The term is used in the sense that the offer on the table is completely and inexcuseably undervaluing the shares. Obviously Joe don’t wanna sell his shares that were valued at $30 yesterday, for $2 today. Makes sense to me.

Check out the Derisory story.

I don’t bring up all of the above at random. I am no financier, and I am certainly not a “player” of the stock market. What I am though is a “somewhat informed” individual who thinks that it is hilarious that one of the hottest search terms of the day is a compounded reaction to an individual word that clearly LOTS of people didn’t understand when uttered by a single person of questionable importance.

That’s what I hope to do with this blog. I am going to continually watch Google Trends for searches that people are using, and when I find one that pokes me in the eye and drives me to react…I will do just that. These will mostly be reactions of a political nature, as I see our country headed in a terribly scary direction right now, and hope to possibly sway some minds. But occasionally I may rant on the lighter things in life as well, like my son, my wife, my pets, or even video games (yep…nerds have political opinions too!)

In any case I hope you enjoy and I hope you come back…lots more to come!


2 Responses to Derisory…are you serious?

  1. akkad says:

    I think the people were searching more for the meaning of the word “derisory”.

  2. zeding says:

    Oh, I think you’re right akkad. But the impetus for that search for definition was clearly the quote in question.
    My point was that the reaction that internet users had to a single term used by a single person in a single interview can be quite profound. I hope that in these blog entries I will be able to be more poignant about the other events brought into light by Google Trends.
    I thought I was on new ground here, but clearly you beat me to it…check out akkad’s site by clicking his user name…he’s already been at this awhile.
    Thanks for the comment akkad!

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